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Data Entry = Mistakes

invoice $200.00

of invoice processing involves
keying data in from paper*

Source: Payback Time: Invoice Processing & Automation, ByLine Group 2002

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There's a

Speed & Accuracy

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Good News!

You can "capture" the key data from a
bill to limit or eliminate data entry...
and set yourself up to speed up.

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Bill Paying

See how the best performers rank

Did you know

the best in class performers
can see their costs to process reach
as little as $3.34 and days to
process reach as few as
4.1 days? The pace setters
also tend to enjoy better visibility
and better cash flow.


What if you're not
best in class?

Status quo can be costly

Underperformance in days to
process can look like 16.3 days at
a cost of $16.67 per item.
At these levels the rewards of
implementing a better process can
be quickly felt.

but how do I

You may have
already taken the
first step...


If you've invested in Ricoh equipment -- you
may already have an on-ramp for
AP process improvement
just raring to go!

See how we
can build on
what you have

Accounts Payable Solutions
for Small and Medium Businesses

PO Approvals

We can help you evaluate
if electronic approvals & automating the matching of invoices with POs can help you.

Searchable Archive

You don't have to keep wishing for an easy way
to retrieve an old bill you want reviewed. We can bring this about with a centralized, searchable digital invoice archive.

The Right Process

What works for someone else may not be best for you.
That's why the AP workflow design step is so critical...and it starts with us listening to you.