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Your industry deals with
large formats

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Many offices have begun converting paper to digital files,
but if you use D and E sized blueprints and drawings,
the large sizes can present some challenges.

You need a solution
to your business

Ricoh has
you covered.

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We can help you store, retrieve, share
and organize large format drawings so you can
pull up what you need, when you need it.

Do you ever feel
bogged down by a
reliance on paper?

We can help
you go

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Scan your blueprints and other important documents into
high-quality electronic files
and share them with the right people.

Your clients
and partners
on you.

Speed up

Route blueprints and drawings
where they need to go -- to network folders,
email addresses or other business systems

blueprints left in
storage are vulnerable
to damage.

Trade reliance on paper

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Cloud-based storage solutions
provide an off-site electronic backup for your wide format documents --
helping you guard against loss from natural disasters

Improve your
wide format

Architectural & Engineering Scan, Archive

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Track print usage by clients, individuals or departments for more efficient cost recovery.

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Blueprints housed in one data center are backed up in another center in a different geographical location.

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Cloud-based sharing of drawings is easy and immediate. No more cumbersome shipping!

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