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Digital Document
Management Solution

Bringing paper documents into the digital age.

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Is paper slowing your
business down?

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Paper documents can be difficult to organize,
time-consuming to search, and impossible to access
outside of the office.

a better way.

It's time to go

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Ricoh's Digital Document Management Solution
can help you free your business
from cumbersome paper workflows.

How does it

It starts with simple
document scanning

User-friendly scanning makes it easy to convert
your paper documents into digital files
and route them to their proper destinations.

Access your



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Now authorized users can
search, edit, and share
documents -- all from the convenience of
a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You rely on
in your

Make it accessible
keep it safe

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Cloud-based digital storage can
reduce the risks
of document loss or damage which are
common with paper-based processes

Ready to go digital?

Ricoh can help
you get there.

Digital Document Management Solution

Find it faster balloon

Speed up locating and retrieving documents electronically…from anywhere.

Control access balloon

You can determine that the right information goes to the right users.

Save space balloon

Paper records take up your storage space. Digital documents don't.

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