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Network Assessment Service

Objective evaluation with recommendations for protection and productivity

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Network and data
breaches can have
serious consequences

Network Threats

Most small to medium sized businesses don't have the
in-house expertise to effectively combat the rising number of
security threats.

Your data may
be at risk

Do Business With

You can gain insights to
better guard your business
against complex threats without complicating your IT investment.

We come to

On-site Assessment

On-site Assessment

Ricoh's IT experts examine your network, servers and peripheral
devices, interview key personnel about business processes,
and make recommendations to
improve protection and efficiency.

What if my business
already has an
anti-virus tool?

Gaps may still exist
Ricoh examines your network on an end-to-end basis to find
weaknesses that simple anti-virus tools cannot.

Assessment Recommendations Monitoring

We work to uncover specific needs
in Software and Hardware Maintenance, Firewall, Web Filtering, Email,
Network Peripherals, and more!

Tighten up
your network

...From the Inside Out

Network Performance

Business is hard enough without having to worry about security
breaches or your network letting you down. Let Ricoh's experts help
tighten up network protection and operations

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Network Assessment Service

Uptime Productivity

Help protect yourself against costly network downtime.

Specific Actions

Get an objective evaluation of your infrastructure with recommendations to address vulnerabilities.

Predictable Fee

Fixed-fee service, so you know exactly what to expect.

Next steps

We're ready to answer your questions, listen, and recommend.