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Do you use popular
cloud services?

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The use of cloud-based apps for storage, sharing,
collaboration and productivity is on the rise.

is getting
more mobile

But what about
information on paper?

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Paper has a hard time keeping up in the fast moving digital world.
Scanning paper into digital
information is an answer
but scanning can be complex.

A simpler
approach to
can help

Smarter (cloud) Scanning

You can get scanning as a cloud service.
And not just image scanning --
scanning with real OCR
so you wind up with usable, searchable information.

You can
scan and email
the information or...

Scan directly into your
favorite cloud services

You can press a few buttons on your cloud-enabled
Ricoh MFP and voilà!, your paper documents have
entered the world of useful mobile data.

With all this
moving around,
what if you want
to print?

The answer is
Mobile (cloud) Printing

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Get the freedom to print anywhere from
a PC or mobile device without having to worry about
print drivers or other technical nuisances.

We call it

Print cloud graphic

Ricoh integrates
it all together

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We'll help you use cloud technologies to
scan smarter, be mobile
and print when you need to…

without the hassle.

Take the first
step today.

Talk with us.

Office Cloud, Scan, Print

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Scan paper documents directly into a growing list of your favorite cloud productivity applications.

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Turn your scanned paper documents into Searchable PDF, Word or Excel files.

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When you print, files are held in the cloud until you're ready to pick them up yourself.

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