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Patient Chart
Scanning Solutions

Bringing paper into your electronic
medical records workflow

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Paper charts

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It can be difficult to access and update critical information,
which can slow down patient care
and admin processes like billing.

Turn paper patient charts into

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electronic medical

..with a complete
scanning workflow solution

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You can instantly capture patient charts,
loose filing, and important faxes into your
electronic medical
records (EMR) system

access to
patient chart

paper dependence

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Streamline your document
management, and save time.

Is paper
holding you back in achieving MU

paper with EMR
is an important

Of the more than 220,000 primary and specialty
care practices in the US, over

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do not meet CMS Meaningful Use requirements.*

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We can help
you solve this...

…so you can provide
great patient care!

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Our consultants can help you strengthen your electronic medical
records workflow to include patient charts and other important
information on paper.

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Patient Chart Scanning Solutions

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have been helping healthcare providers eliminate paper inefficiencies for over 20 years.

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makes finding the right document fast and simple.

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can help save retrieval time and improve administrative processes like billing.

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*(Source: NCHS Data Brief, No. 98, July 2012 – Physician Adoption of Electronic Health Record Systems: United States, 2011)